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Civic Hackothons

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IMG_3435I am proud to announce that one of my ventures and ISV company will be taking our software to civic/municipality Hackathons to bring a much-needed positive change.
So many amazing artistic and ingenious developers gathered together at many weekly, daily or weekend functions providing an exciting engaging atmosphere, good food and if you’re in Colorado undoubtedly great beer.
The contest are structured and incentivize you in the name of civility and future change, it is our civic duty to respond to the needs of our community. This is all great, but what goes on unchanged however is the flaw of such events, what do I mean a flaw in such a great concept.
Yes unfortunately the ideas and code that did not win I speak of don’t always have a future.  What happens next, does the project get any further progress, or go no where, what if the ideas where ground breaking, who has time any way right? All great questions.
As a finalist at GoCode 2014 in Denver, Progress Local tried to continue and grow, but as many startups do we failed. But why, it wasn’t for a lack of effort trust me.
Because we started out connected to the contest we had “support” witch comes in many varieties. Out in the real world we were just another startup on our own!
Even if we didn’t have such a strong desire to continue with our Hackothon-Born Service what if the code/value was there and further progress was demanded by change?
How does all the Demo/Stack or data from a particular contest become accessible to many channels, avoid the same integration /scale ability issues of any company, and become completed in order to fulfill it’s destiny?
By building a Government Hackothon Platform, using an EnTaaS (Enterprise Platform Architecture as a Service. Not just any EnTaaS the best of them all.
Archetype the Cross Platform.

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